Remembering the Small Stuff is Easy!

Stress Relief with Biofeedback How many times have you left the house, gotten half-way down the road, and had to turn around because you forgot something?That used to happen to me all the time, but not anymore. I’ve managed to create a few “rememory” tricks (yes, I just made that word up), that work every time.

Since it’s summer, and I know you’re busy, I’ll try to give you the ones that have helped me the most.

–Make a list. Whenever I’m getting ready to go somewhere, I always start a list. Otherwise, I have things flying around in my mind and keeping me up at night. When I write them down, I know I will remember them, and I’m more at ease.

— NEVER tell yourself (or others) not to forget something. ALWAYS tell yourself to REMEMBER. Example: Instead of saying to your spouse: Don’t forget to pick up the mail; say remember to pick up the mail. Once you say forget, that’s what your mind focuses on – it hears forget, and it forgets.

— Give yourself little clues to help you remember. I used to leave the sun-roof open in my car all the time. Not good if it rains at night. So, I told myself that whenever I was rolling up the windows, I would count to Five. That’s one for each window, and one for the sunroof. Works like a charm.

— In the summer, I might want to leave the windows down if it gets too hot, but again, I want to roll them up at night. The trick I use here is to put my keys on the chair by the door (which leads to the bedroom) when my windows are open. That way, as I’m going to bed, I see the keys, and I remember to close the windows.

— Put things you need to take with you in the same place all the time. I have a special place on the kitchen table where I put everything I need to take with me. No matter where I’m going, I look at that spot before I leave to make sure I’m not forgetting – oops – to make sure I am Remembering everything I need.

I hope that helps. Make your own rememory tricks today! Alternately, you can use a nice tool to help you remember. This product will allow you to:

– Enhance memory capability
– Grow intellectual stamina
– Strengthen thought power
– Accelerate overall intelligence
– Enhance your learning abilities
– Improve your mood
– Enhance your brain energy
– And much, much more!

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1 thought on “Remembering the Small Stuff is Easy!

  1. Dennis

    I was just reading your blog article and chuckling because I have to do the same thing! Several years ago I decided I needed “fix” this problem so I started making sure that I ALWAYS put things in the same spot so I know exactly where it is. In my backpack – everything has a specific spot and I no longer go digging through every pocket to find stuff. A positive side effect of this is that I hardly ever have to clean up clutter around my house anymore because I put things in the right spot first. Now I find I’ve gotten a little OCD and if something is out of place it sort of bugs me.

    But something you might find humorous, I used to forget my lunch when I would rush out to work each day. So I started putting my car keys in the refrigerator on top of the food. Problem solved! J

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