Self Confidence – What it takes to be Great

Many people think they lack self confidence.  OK, read that statement again, I said they THINK they lack, and therefore, they do.

Self confidence is a very important thing to have.  We work our whole life at various jobs, and hopefully, along the way, become confident that we are good at them.  The same goes with your life.

If you think you lack self confidence, you make decisions that enforce that thought (like not going to a party because you’re overweight, or not asking for that promotion because you don’t think you’re good enough).  Its not that hard to obtain a sense of self.  Here are a few steps you can take immediately to help you re-discover your confidence.

First, look at the way  you react to different events.  Does one negative event lead you to go on a negative thinking spree? You can go down real fast this way!  Instead, turn the negative into a positive, and give yourself a pat on the back when you do.  When something negative happens, learn from it and move on.

There’s a reason for the saying – you look like you got up on the wrong side of the bed.  It’s because something negative happened to you in the morning, and you are still carrying it around.  If you accidentally spill your coffee all over yourself, wipe it up and confirm that that was a bad thing, but the rest of the day will go perfectly!

Next, be careful who you hang out with.  Be sure you are surrounding yourself with positive people.  Other people’s negativity is very contagious, and not at all helpful.  You can spiral downward very quickly by just getting into an active negative conversation.  Instead, focus on discussing positive things, like building a business, or vacation travel.  You will feel much better at night after you’ve had a positive, rejuvenating discussion with a friend.

Lastly, be careful who you compare yourself to.  If you always compare yourself to someone who is two or three steps ahead of you, you will never feel self confident.  For example: If you compare yourself to a very rich friend of yours, you will get depressed and wonder why you’re not rich yet.  However, if you compare yourself to a homeless person, you will be very happy that you are not in that situation.
So, be aware of how you talk to yourself; how you talk to others; and the comparisons you make. With each positive action you take, you will build your self confidence up.  This will help you reach your goals and become a great inspiration to others.

Heres to having a positive attitude, always!