The Power Of Our Minds

This is along the same lines as what is taught in Directed Dreaming, so if you don’t have a copy of that book yet, pay attention to this little piece by Mark McCormack


I talk a great deal about motivation, inspiration and passion as keys to success. In this article, I will expand on these concepts and delve into the most exciting philosophies and secrets about them.

The mind has two distinct parts. It has the subconscious and the conscious. The conscious mind is the simulation we call the personality; it is you as you are when awake and creating thoughts. The subconscious mind is like a powerful computer that stores and executes these thoughts. It absorbs all information but performs no thinking at all.

Now, the subconscious is connected to all other subconscious minds. There is a tremendous amount of information passing through the subconscious mind but the conscious mind is generally not connected enough to be aware of it and this is the problem.

Most people are not even aware that they have a subconscious mind that stores all this great power! It is estimated that the subconscious mind can perform over 25,000 actions per second! It keeps your heart beating, skin moist, hair growing, kidneys functioning, equilibrium steady, and every thought you ever had imprinted. Not only does the subconscious mind store our thoughts but it also executes them. If one doesn’t know about this power then how can they master it?

And here lies the trick to tapping the power of the mind.

First we must realize we have this power and become conscious that every thought we have is absorbed by the subconscious and sent out into our reality where it mixes with everyone else’s realities. Once we take the reins of our power then we can steer it and realize the full effect of our positive and negative thoughts on reality.

See, the subconscious mind does not think and therefore will not sort out “bad” thoughts from “good” thoughts. Are you constantly thinking about the worst that can happen? Well stop because the subconscious will send it out and attract it. The same thing goes for happy and positive thoughts. The more energized a thought is the more powerfully it will affect reality and the most powerful thoughts are those with great emotion attached.

It is your job, it is the conscious minds job, to create thoughts with constructive emotional energy. The only way to do this is by reframing your state of mind to be aware of negatives but to focus on the positives; it is by motivating yourself and finding inspiration in the dynamic interconnected world before you. And as you do this, you become deeply rooted in the conscious creation of your life. A greater sense of intuition will automatically take place and you will learn to let go of those things which truly do not matter.

Here you will find what really does matter to you and your subconscious will then begin to automatically manifest it. This is the way of the successful and happy. It is what makes great business people, salespeople, and marketers. Be aware of your power and align it with yourself. Take effective action and be the change you want to see in the world.

Copyright 2005 Mark McCormack

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