Twentieth Century Subliminal Messaging

When you talk about subliminal messaging with friends or family, you’re likely to get mixed opinions.  Some people think it works, some dont. 

Many people are leery that others are influencing them without their knowledge.  You have probably heard rumors that movie theaters flash sayings in front of your face, like – time for Candy, or Eat More Popcorn! 

Even if this were true, which it’s not, it is likely that the smell of popcorn would have more of an effect on you than a quick flash of words.

I’ve tried the older subliminal message tapes.  The worst ones were the ones that were developed by armatures!  These were the ones where they played music in the background, and then whispered affirmations.  They were irritating; all I could hear was the ssss’s in the whispering.

Then there were the more professional ones.  There was music, but you could not hear the words at all.  Was someone really saying something?  Or was it all in my mind?  Who knows!

I much prefer the current day process.  There are a few types that I have tried, and they are much better than in the past.  They use a combination of binaural beats in the background that allow you to relax.  And then the person speaks softly to you. 

You hear everything that is said, and understand it completely.

The theory is that the binaural beats allow your subconscious to relax and become more receptive to the thoughts that are suggested.  And, since you hear everything, you are more likely to remember your journey.  The beats also help you relax more fully.

I don’t know about you, but I like this type of programming.  I’ve tried a few Hypnosis tapes as well as the subliminal messages ones, and they make me feel much more comfortable. 

My favorite is the Secret Subliminal Power Software.  You can reprogram your mind while you use your PC!  Not that I want to sit at the computer more, but it seems to work. 

After all, it’s used by thousands of world-leaders, including Dr Joe Vitale!

I hope you find something that works for you.  I know that it’s nearly impossible to do everything yourself.  There are just some things that work better with a little help.