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Can Positive Affirmations Get Rid of Frown Lines?

I noticed the other day as I was taking off my makeup for the night that I’m getting frown lines! Me? I’m always smiling. Well, actually, I used to always smile when I worked outside the home, and had contact with other people. Now I’m mostly just sitting at the computer working away in silence – not too much to smile about. But other than using an efficient anti-aging cream, how do I combat these lines?

The one thing I’ve decided to do is to go to bed with a smile on my face. This is easy to do because most of the time, instead of watching TV at night I do a Brainwave Entrainment CD. Meditation is proven to help you relax, so this gets me a little out of frown mode!

Then, right after I go to bed I lay there and say my self help affirmations. These aren’t anything I’ve bought and repeat to myself hoping they will work. I really don’t think a “canned” list of affirmations work very well because they don’t come from the heart. And, even though I’ve used some of the suggestions made by others, I have adapted them to what I feel, and what I believe will come to be.

I have a few belief affirmations that have to do with believing in being divinely guided; and that “I will always be in the right place at the right time.” Then I have the ones that have to do with being successful and happy. It’s at this time that I begin to smile – thinking about just how it will feel when I achieve these goals. I end my affirmations with a smile on my face.

Now, this may or may not help my frown lines, I really don’t care. But that smile makes me feel good as I go to sleep; it also helps me clear my mind for the day. And actually, by the time I’m done with the affirmations, I’m asleep! I never have a problem sleeping, and I never have a problem smiling!

One other thought before I leave you. Do you think that if you go to bed smiling you will wake up in a bad mood? Now, I’m not going to say you will just lay there and smile all night, but something does happen when you go to sleep in a good mood. I can’t put my fingers on it just yet, but I’m happy to just share this with you and hope you make it a practice in your night.

Here’s to SMILE Lines, NOT Frown Lines!

Instant Hypnosis Works When Positive Affirmations Fail

I read the other day that the old system of using positive affirmations for self help doesn’t work very well, if at all. It’s not really an instant hypnosis technique that gives your brain the power to proceed. If you use affirmations that your mind truly can’t believe, the process can backfire.

Many self-help gurus tell you to think big! If you’re trying to get what you want – maybe through cosmic ordering or NLP, you should ask for the world! They assure you that if you just use positive affirmations on a daily basis; your entire world will change. And, instead of just asking for say – the ability to make $100,000 a year, you should insist that you make MILLIONS a year!

But when just using these kinds of positive affirmations for self help, it’s hard for your mind to grasp. You may just recently have made it up to making $60,000/year, and now you’re telling yourself that you’re going to jump from that to millions? You can’t really believe that, and neither can your mind. You have to go just a little slower, and to really re-program your mind, you should use an “instant hypnosis” program, or better yet, Brain Entrainment.

Your brain has to be re-trained to accept the fact that the positive affirmations you are using are true. That’s why using gentle hypnosis MP3’s will work wonders!

You must bring in some kind of outside resource to assure your mind and body that what you are telling it WILL happen – no matter what!

You can find hypnosis mp3’s for almost everything you’re trying to fix in your life. There are hypnosis mp3’s for:

  • weight loss hypnosis
  • confidence hypnosis
  • quit smoking hypnosis
  • insomnia hypnosis
  • conversational hypnosis (this one helps you hypnotize other people so they agree with you!)

And, of course, there is Brain Entrainment for total brain recharging.

If you’ve never tried any method of self help, whether it be positive affirmations or instant hypnosis techniques, maybe now is the time. Maybe this year it’s time to put that old you to bed and start living in your new world!

Find Your Instant Hypnosis MP3 Here.

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