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Self Hypnosis for Sleep Insomnia — Proven Script

Whenever I go to bed with too much on my mind and find I just can’t get to sleep, I use a little self hypnosis for sleep insomnia “script” which works almost every time. It’s actually a few different self hypnosis techniques that I’ve combined, but find this one works best for me.

Here’s my self hypnosis script, I’ve also made a video so you can see my exact script on self hypnosis for sleep insomnia (see below)

Since the brain and body require more oxygen to enter the hypnosis state, I first take 10 deep breaths. I breathe in and out in a circular motion, never stopping. Be careful here; if you start to hyperventilate stop taking the deep breaths. You might have to work your way up to ten gradually, but this helps your brain accept your suggestions so you’ll fall asleep faster.

After I’m done with the breathing exercise, I close my eyes and send messages to my brain to relax. I do this by telling myself that I am relaxing, starting from my toes and working my way up. My inner thoughts go something like this (and I think them VERY slowly):

  • I am getting very relaxed
  • My toes are very relaxed
  • My feet are very relaxed
  • My legs are very relaxed
  • My legs are so relaxed I can barely feel them

At this point, my legs might even start to tingle because they are so relaxed. But I continue to work my way up, relaxing every part of my body:

  • My stomach is are very relaxed
  • My arms are very relaxed

I think you get the picture on the relaxation part of my sleep insomnia script.

If I’m not asleep when I get to my head, I pretend to be at the top floor of a building waiting for an elevator. When the elevator arrives, I step onto it, and watch the light as the elevator descends. Then I count down slowly from 10 to one until I get to the first floor.

Now, if I’m still not asleep, I get off the elevator at the top of a cliff, there are ten rocks leading down to a sunny beach, with a chair at the bottom. I start my way down, slowly counting my steps all the way. Ten, nine, eight, seven, etc.

Usually I’m asleep by the time I get to the bottom, but if I’m still experiencing “sleep insomnia,” I lie down on the nice warm chair and start to enjoy the sunshine and the warm feeling I have all over. . . .

This self hypnosis for sleep insomnia script works for me every time! Try it the next time you have sleep insomnia. Just remember, the breathing exercise at the beginning is very important to obtain a trance-like state and allow your brain to accept your suggestions.

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Use Hypnosis for Insomnia and Fall Asleep FAST