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The Adventure You’re Ready for is the One You’ll Get

I was watching the Emmy’s on Sunday (gosh, that seems like ages ago). Anyway, I was very happy when Jeff Probst, of Survivor, won the Emmy for best Reality TV Host. I’ve watched Survivor since it first started – it’s about the only reality show I still like.

When Jeff accepted his award, he thanked a bunch of people, as they all do, but then he said that he is very lucky to be living his dream. Then he said something that really struck home with me:

“The Adventure You’re Ready for is the One You’ll Get!”

And it’s exactly true! Think about it, when you plan a vacation, you are ready to go for an adventure to wherever you planned. You’re “ready” for it. So why don’t we plan adventures into our daily life.

    Some people hate their jobs, but won’t search for another one.
    Some hate where they live, but won’t move
    Some people just hate, but won’t try self help programs

I could go on and on, but the message I want to leave you with is this:

Stop waiting and start testing the waters to move toward the life you REALLY want to live. Do it part-time, or full time – just get started and keep moving toward what you really want. The adventure begins with you, so Get Ready!

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Here’s to Living Your Dreams!

Make Your Life List FUN!

Life ListI’ve been reading a lot lately about people making Life Lists.  I have to admit, I’m a little out of touch with this concept.

I’ve always believed in goals, in fact I have a small list of goals that I read every morning before I start my day; it helps me keep on track. But goals seem to be more like work things.  Like, what I want to accomplish in my job, when I want to retire, etc. 

Boring!. . .

But now I’ve made a Life List, and you should too.  A Life List consists of things you really want to do someday.  Not necessarily before you die, but just things you have a burning desire to accomplish.

They are FUN things, like travel the world, stay in 5-Star Hotels, maybe take a ride into space someday, things like that.

There’s one important thing to do when you start making your life list, and that is to NOT think about how you will accomplish it. 

Don’t think of the cost, or the time involved.  Just start writing until you come up with a bunch of things you want to do someday, then boil it down to the most important (to you) 20 things.  If you can’t pick 20, just keep them all!

Keep these things in mind, and soon you will find yourself having a lot more FUN in life!

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The Implications of Recurring Dreams

Dream Interpertation Kit———————
No one truly knows why we dream, but many people are trying to gain a better understanding of what their dreams mean. Some people have even devoted their entire life to dream interpretation.
What we do know is that there is a significant relationship between a dreamer’s current state of mind versus dreams that occur at night (this is part of what my book on Directed Dreaming is about).

This is where an understanding of dream content and dream symbols would greatly aid dreamers in understanding what their night dreams are trying to tell them about their daily life.

At some point, it may seem like a number of dream types start to become familiar, and the dreamer finally gets the feeling that they (the dreams) are trying to tell them something. The most famous of which would be recurring dreams.

A dream which keeps getting experienced on a regular basis is pretty much what is known as a recurring dream, and is seen as a common dream event. Recurring dreams, as dream therapists and analysts have come to see them, are messages from the inner self (the subconscious) of a dreamer, telling him/her about something which needs to be addressed in the waking life.

Think of recurring dreams as a person who keeps on calling for your attention and won’t let you alone until you listen and deal with what is being said.

Here are two of the most common dream symbols that happen in most recurring dreams, and what the dreamer(s) did to resolve the issues.


Dreams about flying usually refer to a dreamer’s desire to be free, or to escape, from the situation they are with in waking reality. Recurring dreams of this type usually tell dreamers what their inner desires are, and are usually resolved by addressing the same desire to be free.

Unfortunately, escape and freedom from the things that bind people aren’t easily done. Recurring dreams about flying are simply indicators of one’s desire to be free.  The most common steps dreamers take to acknowledge their wish for freedom is to adapt a new outlook towards what they see as their shackles, or start to make some small changes that will eventually get them out of their current situation.

Again, this is noted in a general sense, as not all situations are the same and equal with all others.


Dream content entailing the falling of teeth usually refers to a dreamer’s issue with not being heard or acknowledged in the waking world. As recurring dreams, they are somewhat disturbing, if not annoying. Studies have revealed that teeth falling dreams are common among shy people, who have issues related to work, particularly standing up to their bosses.

Dream therapists have suggested conversation enrichment programs for falling teeth dreamers, with the goal of arming dreamers with the skills needed to make their voices heard.

All in all, recurring dreams do have something to say regarding one’s self. If properly addressed, they could be maximized as personal markers, informing dreamers about what their problems are with the waking world, leading to happier, more content lives.

In the end, they are dreams which call for a dreamer’s attention, because what they have to say, needs to be heard if the dream is ever going to resolve important issues. 

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